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No two days are the same in my world. From hosting speakers in my Master's Level Digital and Social Media Marketing Classes, to teaching online, or helping my business students learn to design and create giant catapults I'm always on my toes. As a consultant, I speak on various marketing and innovation topics on television, webinars, and conferences. As the Executive Director of the Foresight Education and Research Network, I help manage our online networks FERN and Global Foresight in order to promote foresight around the world. Last but not least, my research on millennials brings it all together - a great blend of education, innovation, and foresight. 


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Foresight Education and Research

Foresight is a discipline that can help us better understand and prepare for what the future may bring for individuals, organizations, and countries as a whole. The Foresight Education and Research Network works to promote the practice of foresight worldwide and promotes foresight related books, content, and events.