The Faces of Foresight: Who are Foresight Professionals?

My friend and colleague Sandjar Kozubaev recently took up a photography project called "The Faces of Foresight" where he took portraits of attendees of the World Future Society Conference.

Being interested in foresight is for all people - no matter the country, gender, or age. Foresight and thinking in the long term can help. There was a great response to my previous post "What is Foresight?" where I quickly defined foresight. I'm excited about this because foresight is something that has helped me and others and I hope it can help more people in future.

Foresight helps organizations and people understand and strategically shape their futures. With Foresight Education and Research Network (FERN) and Global Foresight's LinkedIn groups we have members who are students all the way to the c-suite of Fortune 500 companies. The pictures in Sandjar's project cover film students to former presidents of countries.

There are two common traits that I have found about the foresight field itself:

  1. The foresight field is very open. Many people in the field are open networkers and connectors. We want to see more people take up foresight into the future.

  2. People who study foresight champion a long-view version of the world. They don't sacrifice long term strategy for short term return.

These are two important viewpoints for foresight. We're all interested in understanding how the future will happen, what will take place, and how that changes our lives and the lifespans of various companies, organizations, countries, planets and more. I hope awareness of foresight as a discipline and study that can help people, organizations, companies and countries learn and understand more about their futures and how to prepare for a range of possible futures continues to increase. In the coming year, Foresight Education and Research Network will develop a campaign to increase awareness amongst universities and organizations worldwide about foresight and the tools people can utilize to better create, anticipate, and manage the future.

Interested in the future? Interested in foresight? Let me know your thoughts and how you would best use foresight to help you in the future.

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