Top 12 Social Media Profiles to Watch in 2015

It's that new time of year again. Time to refresh and restart. I teach social media at the university level and am always studying social media profiles of companies, organizations, and individuals to understand new ways people use social media to connect every day. From Snoopy to the Seahawks and NASA to Nestle Toll House, great social media work is being done every day to further connect with people online. Here are the top profiles in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that have caught my eye and that I will be using as examples for my 2015 classes. What do you think? Should I add any more?


A Mighty Girl - - A Mighty Girl looks to "inspire the next generation of history makers." Profiles of women from history - the well known and the lesser known - with in-depth stories and information draws in readers to explore and can make a real change in society for both daughters and their parents and families. Learning about the accomplishments of women in the past and in the present will only set up more accomplishments for women in the future.

University of Alabama Athletics - - Roll Tide! Hometown pride goes a long way and the University of Alabama Athletics page brings Tuscaloosa directly to your newsfeed. Fan photos and team videos, rumble up a "roll tide" faster than a quick click of a button. This page gets fans into the game and the glory with the excellent Share the W campaign for all sports teams at the university.

Go Red for Women - American Heart Association - - With branding that is always on point with signature red in every picture, the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women provides useful information about heart health, exercise and nutrition. The page doesn't speak down to followers, but instead lifts them up and calls them to action to protect their hearts and the hearts of the women they love.

Seattle Seahawks - - "I'm in!" is the battle cry of the Seattle Seahawks Facebook fandom. The Seattle Seahawks, after an amazing 2014 Super Bowl win, also has winning social media. From profiles featuring Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch to connecting the Seattle spirit to the Seahawks motivation, this page shows how the NFL can really connect with fans on a personal level to make it more than just a game.


James Spann - @spann - A point of pride for the state of Alabama, James Spann is one of my heroes. Using social media to connect with people around the world and to teach useful weather knowledge, Spann has been listed on Time's Top 140 Most Influential Twitter Feeds. Retweets of beautiful outdoor scenery and special spaces in Alabama as well as weather facts and useful community information all connects us to the weatherman in suspenders that many Alabamians find as a true comfort in times of weather alerts.

Sandjar K - @sandjar - Sandjar Kozubaev tweets foresight, economics, strategy and design features. Recently published by Fast Company for the first time, Sandjar is an up and coming creative strategy personality who is on the cusp of a big break and an even bigger impact on the world of creativity and the future.

Levo League - @levoleague - Levo League's community is focused on mentorship of young professionals. The organization connects with both millennials who are all about finding and keeping great jobs. With great photos, Levo utilizes the visual opportunities Twitter provides that many Tweeters generally ignore. With an excellent use of hashtags - #ask4more - Levo will continue to inspire many young pros with 140 characters this year.

Talladega Super Speedway - - @talladegasupers - Start your engines! Retweets about NASCAR facts and figures attract multiple generations to this sport. While Talladega runs two races a year, fans interact with Talladega year around to find information about their favorite drivers and races. Pictures and history of the sport show us the inside scoop and revs up excitement for 'Dega weekend.


Melissa Joan Hart - - Melissa caught my eye with her Roll Tide football fan posts and she shows us how all celebrities can use social media authentically and wisely to connect with their fans. From behind the scenes pictures to family video's Melissa's spirit and passion along with her relatable captions show us that she absolutely can explain it all.

Snoopygrams - - Comic strips get a brand new medium not only to survive, but also to thrive. Snoopy's timeless appeal along with all the Peanut's gang is ever present on Instagram - time appropriate "I hate Monday's to Winter's Not for Me" pictures and quotes resonate quickly with followers. Four panel comic strips and cartoon clips make me cheer for joy that Snoopy is here to stay. Charlie Brown might just kick that football for a touchdown after all.

Nestle Toll House - - Mixing a 75 year old brand with new technology will make you crave chocolate chip cookies like never before. From recipe links to Zucchini Oat Dark Chocolate Chips to Mini Popcorn Pops, Nestle Toll House inspires a love for chocolate chips and helps followers use chocolate in unique recipes that are easy to create and exciting. I have to go buy some cookie dough right now to get started.

NASA - - I love NASA. I love NASA's social media even more. Taking space education to the next level, NASA's pictures and videos shows us cosmic wonders in between our friend's pictures. Breathtaking photos along with comprehensive explanations break down even the most complicated science terms into relatable language. This page motivates followers to understand our universe and will inspire future generations to explore it.

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