5 Social Media To-Dos for Your Business this Summer

Summertime is a great time to update your company’s social media presence. The majority of customers now check social media networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn during their decision making process for any purchase -- small or large, product or service. You can wow them with what makes your company best by completing the following five tasks for your social media this summer.

1. Take Account of All Your Accounts:Many businesses have multiple Twitter accounts, half-completed Facebook pages, or an Instagram that was started but never finished. Get organized by creating a spreadsheet with every account username and password and consider deleting accounts that you no longer need or were only half-done experiments.

2. Update Your Profiles and Pictures:They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What are your pictures saying about you online? Update your profile photos, cover photos, logos, and other photo albums with new images. While you’re updating, are your written “About Me” or “About My Company” sections complete? Create a calendar reminder every 2-3 weeks to update these sections to make sure customers know about all the services and products you provide and how to best reach you.

3. Select a Social Media Goal and Follow Through: Brainstorm three potential goals that you would like social media to help you achieve — then pick one to follow through. Social media is an asset for goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, and customer retention. Pick the goal that you can meet quickly that your team will buy in to help you. Craft a social media plan that follows through on your goal. If you want more brand awareness, then you need exposure, influence, and engagement. Utilize social media posts that keep your brand’s message in the customer’s mind and note your metrics by looking at the “See Insights” area of your Facebook page and other social media outlets for views and reposts to starting seeing your goal come true.

4. Come On Get Happy...to Get More Engaged Followers: Social media followers respond and share happy posts. Keep the tone and voice of your social media true to your brand, but remember when more people click like and share, more of their own friends will see your information. You will be introduced to new people, who may become new customers. Your follower number (or number of likes) is important, but your engaged followers are the most important number to increase. Do this by keeping positive and posting information vital to your community and business. Celebrate your successes, your customers, and a great summer season.

5. Create Great Content & Interact with Others Who Do Too: Followers respond the most to pictures and videos. Use a good camera to take pictures around the office or showroom. You can also hire freelance photographers and videographers (a great place to look is our local college population - very talented photography and film students can help you this summer) and utilize this media in the majority of your social posts. Consider creating your own hashtag to help spread your message. Enjoy trying out new types of posts. Then repost content from others, such as community organizations you are involved with, local area news, and information that will make you a valuable resource to your customers.

This article was first published in the Birmingham Business Journal on June 3, 2014. It is being re-published here with the BBJ's permission.

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