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Education. Innovation. Foresight.

What Susan Does.


Education is our best chance for a competitive advantage in a global marketplace.


I build programs and actionable research that teach students and professionals how to manage and market in a new, digital world.


Can you teach someone to be innovative, or are they simply born with innovation?


I create innovation coursework, review innovation tools, and speak on innovation with organizations and conferences.


Foresight is the art and science of understanding the future. 


I coach in personal and professional foresight to guide individuals and businesses in finding return on investment in

 their future.


about Susan .

I am an instructor in the marketing department at the University of Alabama and Corporate Director of our Masters of Marketing (MSM) program. I created the Masters of Marketing Specialization in Digital and Social Media Marketing, which is one of the first in the nation at this level after official accreditation. I am continuously interested in the future of education, especially online education and innovation/technology management. 


I combine my interests in education, innovation, and foresight to create programs in new technology development, personal branding, millennials, and innovation for personal coaching and business use.  I have written and presented one of the first whitepapers on Alabama Millennials -'s Young Professionals Millennials of Alabama study.


When I work with companies, I work to produce actionable solutions. I identify problems and questions and I think through the best solutions for your time and your budget alongside you. There are no leangthy client pitches and run-arounds, only real results. Recently, I have been featured in the SAP's The Customer's Edge, Birmingham Business Journal, Alabama Inc, MIT Sloan Executive Education's Innovation @ Work,Venture Beat and  PR News' first Social Media Guidebook for digital marketing.


If you're interested in working with me on a consulting project, research, or conference presentation, please contact me at or use the contact form below. 

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Contact Susan .

I always welcome emails from potential clients and potential partnerships as well as people interseted in foresight and digital and social media marketing. To learn more about how we can work together, email me at or with the contact form below. 

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